Florida Lobstering
How to Tell the Difference between a Male and Female Florida Lobster

In general male lobsters tend to be easier to catch as they are more active during the day. Male Florida lobsters tend to have larger legs and carapace than female lobsters. Female lobsters usually have larger tails than male lobsters. Female lobsters also have extra branching pinchers on the bottom side of the tail. This helps the female lobster hold the eggs once they are fertilized.

Following mating season in the late spring, a female spiny lobster can carry up to one million eggs that start out soft and bright orange in color. The female lobster carries the fertilized eggs for 9-10 weeks until they have hardened and turned dark orange in color. It is illegal to harvest a female Florida lobster carrying eggs.




How to Catch a Florida Lobster
  There are numerous ways and techniques to catch a Florida Spiny lobster. I will go over a few of the ways I do it. Before you attempt to catch a Florida lobster, you need to understand their behavior.