Florida Lobstering
How to Catch a Florida Lobster at Night Using a Bully Net

Florida lobsters can be caught at night or during the day, but the techniques for catching lobsters are completely different.

During the day, lobsters are hiding under rocks and coral and can be difficult to find. You are best to snorkel or scuba dive with a tickle stick and lobster net to seek out these hiding places.

At night the lobsters are out searching for food and easier to catch if you have the right gear.

The best technique for catching lobsters at night is to use a bully net. Bully netting is best done at in shallow water or 1-4 feet while the lobsters are out feeding. A bully net can be puchased or made. Typically the hoop at the end should be just large enough to circle the lobster. A small hoop and thin tubing make for easy movement in the water. You also want to make sure that the pole is long enough for you to stand in the boat and be able to drop the hoop to the sea floor 1-4 feet below the water surface.

Some people walk around in the flats looking for lobsters and using their nets. The difficulty is being still and quiet enough to not disturb the lobsters before you catch them.

If you choose to use a boat to go lobstering, the other tool that you will need is proper lighting on the boat to see the lobsters crawling on the sea floor. Some boat lights are supposed to be mounted above the water line and some below. Often it depends on the type of boat you are using, however underwater lights are better designed to reduce glare.

No matter whether you are walking the flats or free floating in a boat, the technique for using a bully net to catch lobsters at night is the same.

Steps to Using a Bully Net:
  1. Spot the lobster
  2. Hold the pole and the net string, to ensure the net stays above the metal ring
  3. Position the net directly over the lobster and just above the water
  4. Quickly plunge the bully net straight down to the sea floor to trap the lobster
  5. Drop the net string, releasing the net
  6. Drag the bully net along the sea floor toward the handle causing the lobster to swim into the net
  7. Scoop the lobster out of the water
  8. Measure the lobster immediately to determine size and throw back gently if it is too small


How to Clean a Florida Lobster
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